Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There is something about the ocean..

I don't get to the beach enough, and it's a terrible shame since it's all of five minutes away.
Zoey and I had been cooped in the house a little too long today, so I said "let's go."
But not so fast -- "Hey Zoey, how about trying on this really pretty outfit from great-grandma?"
She loved it, mostly because it was like jammies.. loose, cotton and a little too big.
So I loaded her up in her precious little outfit and took her down to the sand and sea. My second time with a toddler in this terrain, and more terrifying this time for these reasons:
1. I was alone with her
2. The tides were stronger this time
3. Switching lenses and dealing with sand and saltwater and expensive gear makes me feel distracted and nervous
Anyway, the adventure lasted for about 30 minutes. She Diva'd out when the seaweed and sand got too messy on the dress. I think she's so funny sometimes.
It was worth it to get our toes sandy and for the amazing photo I was able to get. Cheers.
Click here to see the image in my Flickr photostream.


  1. Congrats on your photo being on Maternal lens! It is just beautiful! She is just beautiful...have fun with her!

  2. beautiful!
    I am up in northern cali for a few days enjoying some coastline and saying goodbye to my to his freshmen dorm:)
    Have a wonderful weekend,