Sunday, August 23, 2009

Notice the little things, but seek the big picture...

A very dear friend sent me one of those forwarded email stories yesterday. Some of these email forward things are very annoying and stupid. Some move me to check them out on, then re-email the b.s. back to everyone as "false." But this was one of those hokey, true ones. Read the whole thing HERE.The gist of the story was this:A world famous violinist played for 1 hour in the metro station in Washington, D.C. on a handcrafted 1713 Stradivarius violin, reputedly worth $3.5 million. After one hour playing one of the most difficult compositions ever written, he was barely noticed and had earned only $32 in tips. The point? That we don't pay attention to the beauty or wonderful things in our life if they are not set in the correct context. We are too busy "going about our business" to appreciate art or music or anything, really.
So tonight I had set a goal for myself to begin gathering a nice selection of portfolio-worthy images. I went back into my rejected images and began to look again, but in a different context. I wanted to view what I believed would be the most moving images for my CLIENTS, not for me. I've been very focused on trend, and technical aptitude, and props, and processing.. I've paid so much attention to so many of the talented photographers I've found on Flickr and in other places. By those standards, this image would probably not cut the mustard. But in the proper context -- to the parents -- this image is perfect.
So here's my reminder to myself: beauty can be found in imperfection. Context is everything.

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  1. yes, yes and YES!
    you have given these parents a TREASURE.