Friday, August 13, 2010

Stream of consciousness


God, why does every surface of everything have to be covered with clutter?
Yes, you can have something to drink.
No, she hasn’t been changed yet. Has you mom said it’s okay for her to come tonight?
If I had known that they wanted the entire month’s tuition, I wouldn’t have paid the first installments of all those medical bills this week.
You’re going to pay the mortgage late? Oh, yeah I guess it doesn’t matter that much.
Why am I wasting my time and talents working for these fucking ungrateful people? Oh yeah, bills.
I don’t want to brush that hair. I just don’t.
Why do we keep this stupid ass dog around? I know you let him out a million times. Are you going to clean that pee?
If you don’t put some panties on you don’t get to watch any shows or play any games on the computer.
Yes, you can have chicken soup for breakfast.
Where is Maddie’s pacifier?
Check it out, I pumped 14 ounces this morning from just one boob.
What kind of bubble water would you like? Orange, lemon-lime, cherry or regular?
I guess we could just thaw out some chicken, or there is always frozen crap to eat.
Are you going to be late tonight?
What time is his surgery?
Pick up your shoes and put them in the shoe drawer.
Oh, fast music? Yeah, that’s a fun way to clean your room.
Why is there noise coming out of every single room in this house?
Why does my body ache the way I imagine it should ache when I’m 80?
God, my toes look even worse wearing Geo’s sandals.
Yes, sleep. I need it so badly.
For the millionth f-ing time, why, why, why can’t he learn how to hang a towel straight so it dries?
Need a new bouncy seat now.. great.
Mickey Mouse? Okay. Which episode? Mickey’s Camp Out. Okay.
Where’s your cup?
I need to make a phone call. Could you be quiet for 3 minutes?
Mom, let me call you back when it’s a little less crazy. I love you, too.
“WHAT?!, Zoey? I’m on the PHONE.”
“I love you, mommy.”
“I love you, too, sweetie.”